Dark Poetry

Photo Credit: http://limitemagazine.com/2012/08/nyc-serial-killer-gallery-exhibit/

The screams of those I killed

The lives of those that I will

Rivers of blood flow down the streets and run up over the hills


A lifeful of vengeance

I’ve grown into a menace

None can relate to my mental transcendance


The knives call my name

I light my victims aflame

To them this has turned into some morbid game


Ripped from society

Losing my sanity

They are killed by their own evil vanity


As red as a Rose

And black as the night

The roses are withering and dying with fireblight (look it up)

I am a serial killer… But Keyan just killed me and saved the day! My inner-confliction has ended! Go Keyan! Yay!!!

5 thoughts on “Dark Poetry

  1. Keyan,
    Thanks for warning about it being dark poetry, but you have certainly captured the essence of a serial killer. Maybe you watch too many Criminal Investigation TV programs. Well done!

  2. Keyan,
    I never knew you were so good at poetry! You had me at the first stanza. You actually scared me. Despite what Miss W says, I know that the serial killer side of you was there all along, and wasn’t accumulated by watching CI TV. Although, my favorite part was when you pulled an R. L. Stine and put a huge plot twist at the very end. Mind Blown! Thank you keyan, for killing the serial killer that may or may not have been you.

  3. keyan, you are a special person (not in a a weird way though) you are very good at poetry.

    P.S. I really should have not helped you find that picture

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